RONDU JACKSON is from new York City and is of West Indian descent. He began doing comedy in
high school and has participated in a few plays. He is a graduate of the University of South Carolina
and majored in Marketing and Acting. He is from a family of doctors, stockbrokers, accountants, etc.
So try to imagine his mother's shock, not to mentions his family's disbelief, when he informed them of
his decision to put off going to law school and pursue a career in comedy and acting! Moreover, he
brings his Brooklyn streetwise experiences and his middle class Catholic school upbringing to the
stage while pointing out the irony between to two. Consequently, RONDU JACKSON believes that if
comedy doesn't work out, he can always go back and pursue a lucrative and honorable career in law
as a respectable practicing attorney. (Depending on your opinion of lawyers.) RONDU JACKSON is
currently a real estate agent and sells used cars which pay his bills. He now has a flexible schedule
that gives him ample time to travel and showcase his talent locally and nationally.

You can contact RONDU JACKSON at:
(843) 267-7569
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